Performing Arts Education for HEALTHY + EMBODIED singers/actors/dancers

Our Mission:


Become an empowered, balanced and embodied performer as you develop your craft in singing, acting, dance, with our unique holistic approach. 


Our Mission

We believe in the power of each person’s unique gift and implement creative experiences that encourage the individual to learn, take risks, be themselves, find joy and beauty in the world around them, and express themselves through the performing arts.

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Our Impact

Engaging with the Performing Arts helps students improve visual analysis skills, learn from mistakes, be creative and make better critical judgments. Not to mention developing confidence, public speaking, and creative thinking skills. 

At the heart of what you gain at Flight is community + connection: among peers, in relationship with mentors, and with working professionals. 



Years giving Back with Scholarship

Est. by students in 2013, for young people who can’t afford the high-level training necessary to succeed as a performer. 



Years changing lives

Our teaching has been changing the lives of young people for nearly two decades. Creating confidence, building community and belonging.



Families in the Flight Family

The Flight family doesn't end when you graduate. Our alumni network is growing each year, and happy to connect.


Our Programs

Develop foundational skills, artistry, community, and belonging through exceptional training in singing, acting, and dance. Beome an empowered, balanced and embodied performer. Sliding scale pricing + scholarship funds help make performing arts education acessible regardless of economic barriers.



You will learn healthy and embodied artistic expression here at Flight. Focus on body awareness, and ease in singing that leads to powerful and effortless sound production. With a foundation in classical techniques, we teach a variety of styles from musical theater to classical to pop, rock and jazz.  


Learn key foundational skills essential for success on the performing arts stage. A healthy and holistic approach creates sustainable artistry. 


Engage in holistic acting training designed to give you the foundation you need to succeed on any stage. Learn a variety of techniques in a playful, engaging and supportive community. 

Master Classes

We engage Master Teachers and Working Professionals in the Performing Arts from around the world to give our students unique opportunities to learn and expand their knowledge base. 


What you are offering is priceless.  She walks taller, smiles broader and sings with a confidence that is being built with such care and love.  Thank you for that.

Amanda Verba / Happy Parent



Get Involved

"It takes a village..." We need an entire community of different people interacting with young people in order for them to experience and grow in a safe environment. Join our village! You may be just the one we are looking for. 


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Develop mentoring relationships with our teachers here at Flight. While you will focus on becoming an intelligent and skilled artist, we also embrace the whole of what it means to be a human. We'd love to have you join the Flight family!

Volunteer opportunities

We rely on community support to help us do many of the wonderful things we do. Are you looking for a way to help get performing arts education out there in our community? We'd love your help!

Make a Donation

The need for accessible performing arts education has never been more pressing. Our young people have made their voices heard: socio-economic and racial barriers to arts training are no longer acceptable. In an effort to help break down those barriers, please consider donating to our scholarship fund.