A healthy and holistic approach creates a strong dance foundation and sustainable artistry.

Jump in to our Musical Theater Jazz and Ballet classes with the incredible, broadway dancer and choreographer, Tucker Davis.

Registration for fall dance classes opens June 28th!

How do I sign up??

Step 1: Register for the class(es) of your choice on the calendar(s) below.

Step 2: Payment If you’d prefer to pay in full, simply pay when you register. If a monthly payment is more your speed, click HERE.

Step 3: Orientation *please note that all students are required to attend a 2 hour orientation class to confirm they are placed in the appropriate level for them. Class placement is at the discretion of the teacher.

Step 4: Jump in! Come to class with comfortable athletic wear, a water bottle, and jazz or ballet shoes (or a pair of clean socks)

Ballet Foundations

A class for those wishing to solidify their technique. Class will be taught in a traditional ballet class setting. Students enrolled in Musical Theater Jazz are strongly encouraged, and may be required, to also enroll in this class.

Scholarship available. Contact sharon@flightvoicestudio.com


Level 1 Musical Theater Jazz

Designed for the student who has little to no experience in the dance studio, but is excited to learn proper dance technique and execute musical theater choreography in a comfortably paced classroom environment.

Scholarship available. Contact sharon@flightvoicestudio.com

Level 2 Musical Theater Jazz

Designed for the student with some experience on the musical theater stage or in traditional dance classes. Level 1 MT Jazz classes are suggested for students enrolling in this more quickly paced class.

Scholarship available. Contact sharon@flightvoicestudio.com